Iman Barlow: Her life experiences that shaped her into becoming a world champion

Iman Barlow successfully defended her 54 kg Enfusion world championship last night against, Ilsury Hendrikse at Enfusion Live 43 in Groningen, Netherlands. At only 23 years of age, Barlow has already conquered several other world titles, most notably within: Lion Fight and Muay Thai Grand Prix (MTGP).

“Pretty Killer” comes from a Muay Thai background and has been trained by her parents from a very early age at their family gym, Team Assassins in Leicestershire, England. However, Iman continues her professional fighting career being very active in both Muay Thai and kickboxing (K1 / Enfusion) rules.

Barlow has gained worldwide recognition (and fandom) for her warm and vibrant personality outside of the ring and for her skilful ways in the ring too. Having accumulated so much success in the striking arts, GLORY Kickboxing attempted to sign Iman earlier this year. However, due to her eventful scheduling at the time, Barlow surprisingly rejected the GLORY contract offer to focus on establishing her career with  Enfusion, Lion Fight and MTGP whilst retaining her full-time job as a teaching assistant.

Find out more about Iman Barlow and her life experiences that shaped her into becoming a world champion in this candid interview; giving you a much deeper insight into who she is as a person, the hurdles she’s had to overcome and much more.



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