Mike Passenier: Badr Hari vs. Rico Verhoeven and the evolving state of world kickboxing

Mike Passenier is a world famous kickboxing coach who, has been involved in the sport as far back as the early ‘Golden era’ of the 90s, and has been involved in all the ups and downs of both, world and Dutch kickboxing for more or less his whole life. He coaches the likes of Gokhan Saki, Murthel Groenhart and Badr Hari and gave a breaking update on, Badr Hari vs Rico Verhoeven and why it won’t happen in Holland (come December), as well as sharing his experiences within the sport and giving his opinions on the current state of world kickboxing and the direction its headed in.

K1ANOOP #14 – Benjamin Adegbuyi

Benjamin Adegbuyi is a Romanian heavyweight kickboxer who, has established himself as one of the top GLORY heavyweight contenders, in the last three years. Having only started a professional kickboxing career six years ago, he has rapidly risen to the top to in the world of kickboxing. Adegbuyi was headlining the Respect World Series event in London, against Dutch heavyweight, Colin George at The Copperbox Arena (July 2016) shortly after this recording and discussed: his journey from the early days of fighting in Superkombat and making it to the very top in GLORY Kickboxing (and lots more).

K1ANOOP #13 – Jesse Saunders

Jesse Saunders is an international referee who, is highly experienced in officiating both kickboxing (K-1 rules) and Thai boxing for various promotions including, GLORY Kickboxing and Enfusion Live. Before becoming a professional official, Jesse had fought professionally too and is now head coach and gym owner of Shinkick in the UK. With all the recent controversies involving referees (IBMTO) and judges in the world of kickboxing this year alone, Jesse Saunders was at the top of the list of interviewees to ask about referees and judges in kickboxing and the difference between both K-1 and Thai rules.

Ilias Bulaid: His excelling kickboxing career and fighting in Japan and China

Ilias Bulaid is one of the most exciting young talents to emerge from the Dutch kickboxing scene in recent years and before fighting in the, K-1 World Grand Prix (June 2016) in Japan, Ilias talked about: past experiences of fighting in Japan, his future with K-1, Enfusion Live and WLF (in China), how his kickboxing career developed from the age of five and having trained under William van Roosmalen, Mike Passenier and Fighting Talents; amassing 140 fights as an amateur before turning pro and the future having setup Team Bulaid and managing all of his own affairs and training.

K1ANOOP #11 – Kevin Ross

Kevin Ross is one of the greatest US Thai boxers to crossover to kickboxing and before BELLATOR 157 / Dynamite 2, went into detail about: how his career began only in his 20s and has since unfolded to become one of the greats, the changing scene of the sport in the North Americas, life away from fighting which involves, art and writing his autobiography, being a positive inspiration to others, PEDs in combat sports and training smarter.

K1ANOOP #10 – Nick Hemmers

Nick Hemmers is the head coach and gym owner of Hemmers Gym and the younger brother of the late great, Ramon Dekkers. With lifelong experiences that easily surpass most and still only in his late 20s at the time of this recording, Nick shared some truly amazing experiences and technical knowledge for both fighting and coaching, having grown up and trained with the likes of: Gokhan Saki, Errol Zimmerman, Filip Verlinden, Marat Grigorian, GLORY welterweight world champion, Nieky Holzken and the UFC’s Alistair Overeem.

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K1ANOOP #9 – Abdou Karim Chorr

Following Abdou Karim Chorr‘s impressive GLORY Kickboxing debut win at GLORY 29, Adbou talked about: how his kickboxing career has developed over the last six years in what is predominantly a MMA environment at Sweden Top Team, being a European WKN champion, having a baby and the uncertainty there was prior to fighting at GLORY 29 and looking ahead at possible opportunities to fight in China whilst still wanting to secure further opportunities with GLORY.

K1ANOOP #8 – Fred Cordeiro

Fred Cordeiro is a multiple kickboxing champion hailing from Portugal and at only 20 years of age, has a very bright future ahead of him. Following his spinning kick KO that went viral on social media from, DUEL 6 in Newcastle (UK), Codeiro discussed his vast experiences to-date including: fighting in different countries, problems in Portugal hindering his professional kickboxing career, fighting at RISE Japan against Japanese superstar, Tenshin Nasukawa; and his continuing journey to improve upon already being a WAKO, DUEL and WKL champion.

K1ANOOP #7 – John Wayne Parr

John Wayne Parr (JWP) is a Thai boxing legend and K-1 veteran from Australia who spent a considerable amount of years living and training the ‘art of eight limbs’ in Thailand, to be regarded as the greatest living Muay Farang. Before fighting Pavlos Kaponis at Muay Thai Grand Prix 5 in London, JWP spoke to Anoop Hothi about: Caged Muay Thai, his training and fight camp preparations, Boonchu Gym, family, flaws within the sport and so much more from his wealth of tremendous experiences as well as the importance of positivity.

K1ANOOP #6 – Vinny Shoreman

Vinny Shoreman is regarded as one of the best kickboxing and Thai boxing commentators of all time and currently commentates for the likes of, Enfusion Live and Yokkao. Over the last decade or so, Vinny’s voice has been the most recognisable to commentate on the majority of epic kickboxing battles that have excited fans, with the added benefit of his unique analysis and commentary skills. Vinny talks about: how and why he became a mind coach (and the benefits of mind coaching), working with Joe Schilling, The Mind Diet podcast, current state of world kickboxing since the ‘Golden era’ and the significant impact Enfusion Live CEO, Edwin Van Os, has had on the sport.